Mountain driving

I was driving down a mountain road following two cars.  We were all evenly spaced from each other at a safe distance for the speed we were traveling.  I drive that road a lot, so I was familiar with the turns and mindful of oncoming traffic.  Intermittently I glanced out at the scenery.  The tall pine trees, the fresh green meadows, some late wildflowers and the brilliant blue sky were far too tempting to ignore.

As I rounded a curve I was startled by what appeared to be an upright animal with a furry head and small horns.  I stared at it as I drew closer, confused and unable to categorize such a creature.

Suddenly its head jerked forward and down, dislodging what I now realized was some type of buffalo headdress about a foot and a half tall.  It fell off what was now clearly a man staggering into my lane.  He caught the headdress just before it reached the pavement.

I immediately slowed as this large man stood up straight and extended his arms up and out to his sides.  His head slowly raised toward the heavens.  By now I was even with him and he stared at me with a wildness that unnerved me.  I passed him slowly and watched in my rearview mirror as he moved unsteadily from the road to the shoulder.  He was clutching a bottle of water in one hand, and the headpiece in the other.

It was a warm day, far too warm to be wearing a fur hat=piece and walking up a steep hill. I didn’t stop.  I didn’t report it to anyone.  I was frightened by his crazed stare and just wanted to put distance between us.

And now that I’m back home I find myself wondering what happened to him.  Why was he dressed like that on such a hot day?  Why was he walking into the road?  Did he make it home safe?  I feel like I failed him in some way.


The music pulses in the night

You know what’s happening isn’t right

She comes for you in the darkened room

You feel the fever of her womb

She moves and slithers like a snake

You know your body must partake

The climax comes and you shake with fright

You will never awaken from this night

The Cloud…By Pownkies

Where are you going little cloud?

you travel the world and change at will.

you were a fish sailing the high sky

but then you became an eagle as you floated over me.

I watch you morphing again and I see that you are now

a rabbit hopping over the tree tops.

Where are you going little cloud?

and what unseen currents hurry you along?